Advantage Pro – Soft Skills Development Training

This course aims to enable the student to learn the desktop and Windows server administration. This course also covers the configuration and implementation of the Active Directory Services (ADS).  Thus, it provides practical guidance to a Network Engineer for implementing and maintaining a Windows based network environment.

Communication Skill – Level 1: 40 hrs

  • Day 1: Importance of English, Communication, Elements of Effective Communication, Words-content, Grammar
  • Day 2: Tone, Voice modulation, Body language, Grammar
  • Day 3: Conviction, Enthusiasm, Empathy, Listening, Grammar
  • Day 4: Barriers to effective communication
  • Day 5: Communication in different situation, Asking questions, Giving instructions, Grammar,
  • Day 6: Conversation Skills

Personality & Communication Skill – Level 2: 40 hrs

  • Day 1: Elements of Effective Communication, Verbal communication, Listening Skills
  • Day 2: Conversational skills, Situational speaking, Body Language
  • Day 3: Confidence, Enthusiasm, Empathy, Listening, Grammar
  • Day 4: Personality Development, The role of behaviour, Aggresion, Assertion
  • Day 5: Personality Development, Decision making, Motivation, Creative thinking
  • Day 6: Interpersonal Skills

Interview Preparation – Level 3: 24 hrs

  • Day 1: How to talk in interview, Language to be used in interview
  • Day 3: Dressing up for interview, Grooming, Manners,
  • Day 4: Building self-confidence for interview