Enterprise Kubernetes Storage with Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation

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On-disk files in a container are ephemeral, which presents some problems for non-trivial applications when running in containers. One problem is the loss of files when a container crashes. A second problem occurs when sharing files between containers running together in a Pod. To address this production issue, this course teaches the essential skills required to design, implement, and manage a Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation cluster and perform day-to-day Kubernetes storage management tasks.

Traditional storage options available to Kubernetes administrators are limited and lack flexibility and/or versatility. Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation provides real advantages, even when it is backed by cloud storage such as AWS EBS and sophisticated on-prem legacy storage like SAN arrays. Many companies rely on third-party solutions to manage backup and disaster recovery in production. However, proper planning to implement these solutions requires knowledge of the Kubernetes CSI and OAPD APIs. This course walks the student through the recommended steps of configuring and managing storage services for container and Kubernetes services.

  • Deploy Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation in internal and external mode.
  • Provision non-shareable block storage to applications like databases.
  • Provision shareable block storage to applications like virtual machines.
  • Provision shareable file storage to such applications as CI/CD pipelines and AI/ML.
  • Provision shareable object storage to applications, such as AI/ML and media streaming.
  • Provision storage for Red Hat OpenShift cluster services, such as monitoring and registry.
  • Monitor and expand storage capacity and performance
  • Attach and detach storage from an application for backup and archiving.
  • Create and access volume snapshots and clones.
  • Troubleshoot internal Ceph components of Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation.
  • Perform backup and restore operations using the OADP API.


Course Benefits:

Enterprise Kubernetes Storage with Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation teaches the essential skills required to provision and manage storage that fits the availability and performance requirements of applications, such as:

  • Deploying Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation on a Red Hat OpenShift cluster using local or cloud storage.
  • Selecting and configuring storage classes based on workload requirements.
  • Monitoring and proactively expanding storage capacity.
  • Creating and attaching snapshots and clones of persistent volumes.

Enterprise Kubernetes Storage with Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation supports IT operations teams whose organizations are expanding upon their container adoption journeys. The curriculum enables companies to quickly and automatically provision storage to applications meeting varying requirements crucial to support their organization’s digital transformation initiatives and expand their portfolio of containerized applications.

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