Linux Training in Chennai

Linux is one of the most popular OS in the world of UNIX. It is without a doubt that most IT providers have started implementing their servers to Linux for cost-effective solutions and customized results. Linux skills are in high demand for IT employees according to a recent survey, which makes learning the course of paramount importance in this day and age.

If you are looking for good Linux Training in Chennai with a focus on Linux system administration and firsthand practical knowledge of the Linux courses, you have reached the right place! We provide some of the most renowned cost-effective Linux courses online which have led to successful individuals in various sectors. Be it an office space, on campus, or in a data center, we ensure that you know the tools and technologies needed to be a master system administrator.

What makes our courses different?

We focus on imparting practical sessions rather than theory, as practical knowledge lasts longer and produces better results. With real-time experience, you will get knowledge of how to approach an issue and rectify it during a starting stage. It will provide you with good Linux troubleshooting and expertise in Linux administration. Linux certification is taught by our expert trainers in a quick, effective, easily understandable, and affordable manner.

The best part about our sessions is how much experience you will gain by facing real-time scenarios. We equip you with modern technologies and state-of-the-art updated methods to ensure you get a head start when you join the corporate world. Our environment for preparations and learning is interactive and encourages ideas to grow. On the whole, you will grow exponentially to combat issues head-on from Day 1 at a corporate workplace.

What does our syllabus cover?

Not only do our courses provide modern solutions, but we also equip our students to understand server and client configuration and maintenance. This will enable you to understand access controls, resource requirements, database services, desktop applications, and network services for a plethora of applications. The first level of our Red Hat Linux certificate course includes the following syllabus:

  • Introduction to Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Administrator users and groups
  • Controlling the Boot Process
  • Automated installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Controlling access to files with Linux file system permission
  • Intermediate command-line tools and VIM editors
  • Administer remote systems
  • Package management
  • Managing SELinux
  • Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Networking
  • Manage physical storage
  • Installing and managing software
  • Analyzing and storing logs
  • Scheduling future Linux tasks and system cron jobs
  • Tuning system performance
  • BASK scripting and tools
  • Limiting network communication with Firewall
  • Implementing advanced storage features
  • Controlling the access to files with Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Installing and configuring virtual machines
  • Providing Apache HTTP web services

What are the benefits of this course?

This overview is for the first level of our Linux training course in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform. This engaging and informative course will help you understand the intricacies of the Linux environment and navigate the working principles and architecture of Linux. It will help our participants greatly in earning the Red Hat Certified System Administrator certification. It will give you first-hand exposure to the world of Linux in the corporate world while exploring the environment like an experienced Linux system administrator.

What’s more, our courses are conducted by certified instructors from around the globe who have been there, done that! This gives you the benefit of learning from industry experts who have faced issues and combatted them with solutions they learned. The courses have graphical interface management and command-line utilities which help participants understand the OS structure better. You will also be equipped with:

  • A red hat training expert to help you navigate the intricacies of the Linux world
  • Hands-on training so you can easily combat issues when you enter corporates
  • Practical modules with live environments and real-time projects and assessments
  • Strong foundations for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and networking

Why should you choose us?

By completing this course at our reputed Linux training center, you will get a 360-degree holistic knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You can confidently cover installation, maintenance, administration, user management, and Logical Volume Manager (LVM) – which will optimize your handling of file systems and the partition metadata.

You will also be imparted knowledge of SELinux (one of the most important security features enabled in Linux) to explore and navigate the Linux architecture better. As we are one of the earliest Pioneer Red Hat training partners in the industry since 2003, we are equipped with experienced trainers to coach you with their experience. As mentioned, our teaching is practical to ensure your understanding of the Linux ecosystem is lasting and thorough.

Head over to our website to browse through our options and syllabus for Linux certification with a placement that is imparted by our Linux training experts/professionals. Contact us to get a quotation for your next course and connect with our experts. We are sure your experience with us will help you to navigate the Linux environment easily and effectively by solving issues.