Building Resilient Microservices with Istio and Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh

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openshift certification in Chennai


.              Control, manage, trace, monitor, and test your microservices with Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh. Building Resilient Microservices with Istio and Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh (DO328) is an introduction to Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh that teaches students installation, service monitoring, service resilience, and service security with Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh.

Red Hat OpenShift created an enterprise-ready, multitenant platform that made deploying and scaling microservice applications efficient and repeatable. But as these architectures become larger and more complex, defining how these services interact with each other is increasingly difficult. Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh comprises three products: Istio, Jaeger, and Kiali, facilitating a zero-trust network for managing secure service interactions, providing service tracing, and creating a visual representation of communication pathways.


  • Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh
  • Describe the basic concepts of microservice architecture and OpenShift Service Mesh.
  • Install Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh
  • Deploy Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Observe a service mesh
  • Trace and visualize an OpenShift Service Mesh with Jaeger and Kiali.
  • Control service traffic
  • Manage and route traffic with OpenShift Service Mesh.
  • Release applications with service mesh
  • Release applications with canary and mirroring release strategies.
  • Test service resilience with chaos testing
  • Gauge the resiliency of Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh with chaos testing.
  • Build resilient services
  • Use OpenShift Service Mesh strategies to create resilient services.
  • Secure services with OpenShift Service Mesh


Course Benefits:

You will be able to use the concepts in this course to simplify and more efficiently manage their service interactions. You will learn how to install and configure Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh to define, monitor, manage, and secure service interaction within their microservice architecture. This course is intended to illustrate the ease of Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh’s “sidecar” approach and to highlight the benefits of service resilience and monitoring that the product provides.

Microservice architectures with Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh enable organizations to improve application security, resilience, and scalability, while decreasing developer overhead. Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh adds an additional level of security for data in transit with mutual TLS encryption and a zero-trust network. This leads organizations to improved time to market, as well as improved insight into their microservice architecture, by being able to visualize and trace data flow throughout their applications. These insights can dictate better resource allocation for applications as well as more quickly identifying defects in specific microservices.

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