Multicluster Management with Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus

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Red Hat® Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes controls clusters and applications from a single console, with built-in security policies. Extend the value of Red Hat OpenShift® by deploying apps, managing multiple clusters, and enforcing policies across multiple clusters at scale. Red Hat’s solution ensures compliance, monitors usage, and maintains consistency.Enhance container management capabilities with automation, governance, and security across clusters.Multicluster Management with Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus teaches the skills required to maintain a diverse portfolio of applications, running across a fleet of OpenShift clusters. Applications follow placement rules determined by capacity and criticality; cluster configurations comply with governance and security policies; all automated according to DevOps principles.


  • Deploy Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes (RHACM) in a hub cluster
  • Add a managed cluster to RHACM (configure a cluster to be managed by RHACM)
  • Define and apply cluster configuration policies
  • Detect and correct non-conformance to cluster configuration policies
  • Visualize and compare cluster settings between different clusters
  • Define and apply application placement policies
  • Identify and compare application resources from multiple clusters
  • Deploy Red Hat Quay in the hub cluster
  • Deploy Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes (RHACS) in the hub cluster
  • Integrate Red Hat Quay and RHACS with RHACM.


Course Benefits:

Multicluster Management with Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus supports IT Operations and Development teams whose organizations are expanding and accelerating their Container Adoption Journeys. The curriculum enables companies to securely and consistently apply governance, security, and application placement policies across multiple Kubernetes clusters.  Organizations will benefit through increased automation of cluster and application lifecycles at scale.  Red Hat has created this course in a way intended to benefit our customers, but each company and infrastructure is unique, and actual results or benefits may vary.

Features and benefits

Manage Kubernetes clusters: Run your operations from anywhere that Red Hat OpenShift runs, and manage any Kubernetes cluster in your fleet.

Accelerate development to production: Speed up application development pipelines with self-service provisioning.

Central management automatically: Free up IT departments with self-service cluster deployment that automatically delivers applications.

Multicluster Management with Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus teaches the advanced skills required to take control of multiple OpenShift clusters using the suite of tools included with the product bundle. Students will learn how to combine the capabilities and workflows of Advanced Cluster Manager with Advanced Cluster Security and Quay Enterprise to automate and validate deployment of infrastructure and application security.

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