Managing Enterprise Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

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.              Manage complex Red Hat Ansible automation workflows at scale and prevent single points of failure. Managing Enterprise Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform (DO467) is for experienced Ansible automation engineers, DevOps practitioners, and Linux system administrators seeking to deploy, control, and support centralized automation execution on a large scale. Students will use Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2 to scale up Ansible automation. They will deploy automation controller to centrally manage automation workflows, automation mesh to scale up and distribute execution capacity, and private automation hub to manage Ansible Content Collections and automation execution environments for use by automation developers. Large scale automation cluster design and approaches to ensure high availability of Ansible Automation Platform will also be discussed.


  • Install Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
  • Manage user access
  • Manage inventories and machine credentials.
  • Manage projects and launch Ansible jobs
  • Configure advanced job configuration
  • Construct job workflows
  • Manage advanced inventories
  • Automate configuration of Ansible Automation Platform
  • Maintain Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
  • Build a large-scale Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform deployment


Course Benefits:

Ansible Automation Platform provides an enterprise framework for building and operating IT automation at scale, from hybrid cloud to the edge. It enables users across an organization to create, share, and manage automation—from development and operations to security and network teams.

IT managers can provide guidelines on how automation is applied to individual teams, and automation creators can write tasks that use existing knowledge. Ansible Automation Platform provides a more secure and stable foundation for deploying end-to-end automation.


Build, provision, and manage applications and infrastructure across public or private cloud, containers, and virtual environments.


Automate your application deployments and make your installations, upgrades, and day-to-day management repeatable and reliable.


Manage entire network and IT processes across physical networks, software-defined networks, and cloud-based networks.



Manage and automate your Kubernetes clusters and scale containerized applications with support for Kubernetes Operators and frameworks.


Orchestrate security systems using a curated collection of modules, roles, and playbooks to investigate and respond to threats.


Provision instances, networks, and infrastructure with support modules that ensure deployments work across public and private clouds

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